our humidity is coming one day nearer to the maximum temperature, since the beginning we're existing at this earth!

The Dream of Dr. W. Bachleitner ...

Dr. W. Bachleitner has written a story about his dream. To live and work in Afrika. Here he wants to advants the whole continent. To reed the full story in one, please klick the button below. This page shows the work from Dr W. Bachleitner. Here he is announcing his plan for a sun-powerplant with different benefits. Hereinafter aspects of producing power with a green footprint will be shown. Furthermore, the story behind can be reed.

The Mirror System

This WEB-Page shall show all people, that it is possible, that this starting climate warming could be reduced!!!!

This is a very exactly thoughted idea from Dr. Bachleitner ... The wrong beginning was my first part of this project: desert-town – but it is possible much cheaper!

My New Project:


Today, it is the day: , one more we come nearer to the hotest day, since humans are living at this earth!


    1) I hope to have the important success to find people, which read this information full of interest ….

    2) …….but much more important it is, that I could find somebody, which would help
    with giving their money for this very, very important idea, that also in future a living in the actually kind is possible!

This second start should make my important idea for a well living future possible!

And I am sure, that the first difference You have realized:

  1. In my second start, from beginning I have written everything in English language – In my first try, the idea to want to make that was coming much too late

  2. And this new start of the project, because no prototype is existing, never will be so expensive as my first try of it One changing more

  3. The looking of my first page was real terrible:

All was written on one side at the first and second, not one LINK and the third is, that there is not a specially collor - in future, it should be light green!

My new project will be much cheaper!

But not everything is new, because many parts had existed also in my first suggestion. And these all, I will translate it in English language and take it here in my new project with an actually name: SUNLIGHT MIRROR !!! I am starting now here with the whole explanation of my new project with an email, which You can see with a click on the NEXT button.